best foam bed ever in the worldLooking for a change of mattress? Perhaps you are fed up of those consistent aches and pains over your body after getting up every morning or simply because the existing mattresses have turned outdated.

In either of the cases, comfort, quality and a good night’s sleep is all one looks for while buying a mattress. Then considering a memory foam mattress is a must here.

First designed for the NASA experimental aircraft in the 1960s, memory foams are known to absorb energy and give out comfort by being exceptionally soft.

The main material used in it is viscoelastic. After success in protecting scientists from impact of spacecraft’s quick movements, it found its usage more extensively. Manufacturers started using it in helmets, shoes and gradually in mattresses and pillows.

Benefits and advantages:

The best Memory foam mattresses ease out the pressure points and allow a good night’s sleep. Although not proven to treat sleep disorders like sleep apnea and other sleep breathing disorders medically, these mattresses have been long endured to relax a dead tired person the moment he or she gets on to the bed.

Memory foam mattress protects the users from allergies and dust. It also controls motion transfer resistance. If two partners are sleeping over the bed, the movement of one of them causes minimum disturbance to the other by absorbing the motion effects.

Buying guide:

Deciding on buying a memory foam mattress is not really enough if you are searching for a product that fits perfectly in your house to meet your needs. Consider the following before you make the final payments:

-Check density

The density of the mattress should meet the requirements of your body’s density. If you are on a heavier size, a sleek mattress will not help.

-Ensure temperature sensitivity

Memory foam mattress is designed scientifically to adapt to body temperature and spread it evenly across its own surface to help the body settle down. It automatically measures pressure points on the body and disburses temperature accordingly.

-Check warranty:

Buying memory foam mattress can be a costly affair. Hence, it is crucial to know the warranty period.

-Check comfort test reviews:

Every well known brand offers details of comfort tests done on the memory lane mattresses in laboratories. Also, feedback of initial buyers is recorded.

-Check multiple layers of Mattress

A memory foam mattress is made up of several layers—high density foam base, Support foam and top comfort. As a buyer you need to ensure that your product comprises all these layers.

Very few caution tips:

It is a highly combustible product. Babies should not left alone as they are often unable to turn over it and feel suffocated.


For memory foam mattress, cost is proportional to quality and durability. As a buyer, one should not settle for low-cost mattresses as these may only be comfortable for initial few days and but begin to rather increase body aches by losing strength.

The sizes begin from 6 inches and price range begins from 100 USDs.

Use covers to enhance shelf life:

The mattresses can be covered with cotton or linen made covers before being placed under the bed sheets. These increase the shelf life and protect the mattress from wear and tear and also dust. These covers are washable and be removed whenever needed.